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Hungry? Just hit ‘print’
3-D food printers could revolutionize the way we make meals. Take a look at the variety of foods — including pizza — that can be printed.


Capturing a Hauntingly Beautiful Tugboat Graveyard

For more photos and videos from the Tugboat Graveyard, explore the Tugboat Graveyard - Staten Island location page.

The scuttled remains of tugboats, ferries and other maritime vessels rest peacefully in shallow water off the shores of Staten Island in New York City.

The rusting hulks, decrepit frames, creaks and bumps in the Witte Marine Equipment Company scrap yard, known as the “Tugboat Graveyard,” contribute to a hauntingly beautiful industrial landscape hidden in plain sight.

Instagrammers looking to make an off-the-beaten-path field trip just outside of the city center can capture eerie photos of light filtering through decaying structures, jagged reflections and the occasional geese and other wildlife picking their way along the murky shore.

Football + emotion | requested by anon

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